My Suggestions for Before and After on Wheel of Fortune

I haven’t watched Wheel of Fortune on purpose since I was eleven, but every now and then I have to watch it in the Flight Attendants Operations area at the airport because everyone I work with is over sixty years old. I try not to pay attention but sometimes I can’t help it, like today. Their Before and After category is probably my favorite. You have to think a little bit for that one.

I’m sitting here listening to my coworkers scream out “New York Mets” when it’s obvious it’s “New York Jets” because the real contestants already guessed an “M” and they lost their turn. I started a list of Before and After puzzles I’d like to see but never will.

Amy Winehouse of a Thousand Corpses

Hunter S. Thompson Twins

Daft Punk-Ass Bitch

Beastie Boys in the Hood

Money Shot in the Dark

God Bless America’s Next Top Model

Kanye West Side Story

The Amazing Race Wars

The Jesus and Mary Chain Smokers

Jack Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

David Lynch Mob

Permanent Midnight Cowboy

Stereolab Rats

Double Barrel Shotgun Wedding

Breaking Bad News Bears

How I Met your Mother of the Bride

Requiem for a Dream Weaver

Two and a Half Men at Work

The Dark Crystal Meth

Fast Times at Ridgemont High Blood Pressure

The Walking DeadMau5

Saved by the Belle and Sebastian

Junkyard Dog Day Afternoon

Tangled Up in Blue Man Group

Selma Blair Witch Project

and finally….

LeBron James and the Giant Peach


7 responses to “My Suggestions for Before and After on Wheel of Fortune

  1. I love The Dark Crystal Meth! LOL

  2. Good ones, Brian. This sounds like something Alan would do!

  3. I had to laugh at 2 of these especially: Fast Times…..reminds me of the movie….what a sad commentary on American youth at that time (and probably today as well). Belle and Sebastian….I thought my girls and I were the only ones who remembered this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We used to watch it in the early AM as they were getting ready for school. They’d finish up all the episodes, then begin the series again from the beginning. I’ve tried finding the series on DVD on eBay…and they have it…but only in Spanish and in MANDARIN. Ah, so!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. My faves are these three:

    Money Shot in the Dark
    God Bless America’s Next Top Model
    Kanye West Side Story

    Very create, Brian 🙂

  5. um….. creative. Very creative, Brian.

  6. Is there any reason why Pat has to place his hands on the wheel when the contestant makes the final spin? He knows where the money is, it looks to me like he is stopping it where he wants. Your thoughts?

  7. A friend of mine thought of this one: jackass hole

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