Ten Colorful Places

These are my ten favorite places/things in the world that make me appreciate Color. Forget the black and white film for these!

The Hindu festival of Colors in India- I need to go sometime!

Times Square at night after a rain

The tulip fields in Holland

White Haven beach in Australia- insanely blue water and blinding white sand

Great Barrier Reef coral

New England in the Fall

The Northern Lights

South African wildflower fields- need to check that out too!

Cinque Terre, Italy

and of course the Shinjuku area of Tokyo at night!


7 responses to “Ten Colorful Places

  1. Salvador in Brazil is pretty cool too!

  2. Mary Lue Eastmond

    Well, I’ve seen two of your ten – New England (Maine specifically) and the Northern Lights (in Wyoming). Have lots of great pics of the former and just memories of the latter. I envy your world travels, Brian. Thanks for sharing.

  3. gorgeous! I don’t think Ive been to any of them…

  4. ❤ Cinque Terre !

  5. Thank you for the post. It was wonderful reading it and great to remember what’s important in life.

  6. Alan P. Bloebaum

    I haven’t traveled as far or as extensively as you have, BUT I have seen a few memorable things: I HAVE actually seen the aurora borealis, in northern Michigan, no less. It was not as impressive as in your photo but memorable just the same. Macchu Picchu in Peru is also something to see: taller mountains than you’ll ever see in the U.S. You left out one of my “Must See’s”–the Red LIght District of Amsterdam! Americans are so uptight about anything sexual that I just want to LOOK (and LOOK, and LOOK!)
    Mackinaw Island is also a great place…no cars; you can walk or bike anywhere on the island easily…with great views of Big Mac (the bridge, not the burger!!)

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