Monthly Archives: November 2010

I Have a Pop-Secret

We’re all born into this life much like packaged kernels in a microwavable Pop Secret bag.  We get rotated through the machinery of our experiences and come out as we’re meant to be.  Some burn.  You don’t even like those touching those filthy bastards.  They look bad, taste bad, and smell bad.  They get thrown out immediately and you curse them for making your kitchen smell funny.

Some come out light and fluffy, aesthetically perfect, the kind you see on the ads as the end-all-be-all of popcorn potential.  You marvel at how something so large and magnificent could come out of something so minuscule and ordinary.  This is what the creators want each and every one of us to become.  The world needs a billion of those.  Everyone loves the massive, explosive result.  These are sought after and appreciated first; it’s their destiny.  They want to be on top of the bowl so that they can be admired and praised.

Some never get cooked; they never got to go through the process in due time.  They were too shy or scared to do anything.  Then they just ran out of time.  They had the same amount of time to develop fully or burn completely, but yet they remained unchanged.  These are hidden under the successful and are tossed out without much of a thought.  No one ever knew they existed.  People get mad at these lazy kernels and don’t understand why they couldn’t do anything with their chance when others did so much.

Then there’s me.  I would’ve popped if I had two more seconds.  I still have my hard brown shell but I’m bubbling out, about to split.  People say I look like cotton.  You may see my white insides starting to come out, but I don’t reveal everything.  I have secrets.  People are unsure about me.  Some people dig to find me, others lump me in with the other retarded kernels that never made the complete transformation, the total metamorphosis.  I’m breaking out of my cocoon and the sensitive soul loves me the most.  I have the best of both worlds; I’m a crunchy treat.  Nobody pretends to like me.  I let the others have the glory while I patiently hang out underground, waiting for someone to make the effort to come and rescue me.