Tom, Bob, and another Bob

I don’t know why, but every single pilot we have has a very common name.  When you look at the crew list you never see a pilot with a name longer than five letters, never.  There’s Bob, Dave, Gary, Pete, Steve, Bob, John, Don, Bob, Dan, Tim, Tom, Chuck, Dick, Bill, Bob, Will, Ken, Ted, and of course, Joe.  You never meet Captain Julian or Sebastian or Frederick.  Both our Captain and First Officer are Bobs.


2 responses to “Tom, Bob, and another Bob

  1. That is so true! I thought it was just me, so I’m glad to know someone else has noticed that there seem to be stock names for pilots. The most common one at my airline is Tom. They’re all Tom. A lot of our pilots are old Southern boys, so we also have quite a few of the airline version of “Bubba”, which is Trip. No, it’s not a work reference; it means “the third”, as in “J. Rothington Covington Mallory III”. Don’t ask me why.

    • Wow, very interesting. I get why Trip is the Third. I was roommates in college with someone who was the third but he went by Trey for the same reason. SO funny that Trip is the equivalent of Bubba. I hope to God we don’t have a Bubba with my airline. I know we have one guy who gave himself the nickname, “magic fingers”

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