Monthly Archives: February 2009

Couples Therapy on a Budget

I’m wondering what people used to do after domestic disputes in the past.  The only thing my girlfriend and I can stand to do together after a fight is stare at the TV for an hour until we’ve calmed down enough to start to be civil.  It’s actually the perfect segue from the moment when you both acquiesce and decide to stop the fighting until you’re ready to be pleasant again.  I can’t just go from being pissed off to cordial at the drop of the hat so the TV time out is perfect.  Yeah, we’re doing something together but we’re not talking or even looking at each other.  It’s perfect.  But before TV did couples just sit on the couch and listen to the radio while they cooled down?  Or the victrola?  What about a thousand years ago?  Did they just take walks in silence or stare at the fire?  You may not like the television and call it the “idiot box” but I think it’s done wonders for my relationships after a fight and definitely helped things with my parents through my teenage years.  It’s the super glue that’s kept everything together, which might be a blessing or maybe a horrible distraction that allows us to sweep the real issues under the rug and pretend they’re not even there.