Monthly Archives: January 2009

What did we Learn Today?

This is what I learned today…  How to walk from the NH Milano hotel to the Genova Metro Station.  That the subway ticket machine doesn’t take my credit card, neither visa nor master card.  That a 2 day Unlimited pass is just over 5 Euros.  How to take the B line to Cadorna and transfer to the A Line.  That Northern Italian girls are pretty hot compared to the homely and/or manly ones in Roma.  How to get off at Lotto Station.  How to stand around and wait for obvious Milan fans to pass by and follow them to the football stadium.  That the food of choice outside the stadium is a panini.  How to find the ticket line.  How to queue up with Italians who don’t always stay in their own line.  That Italians don’t know how to queue properly.  That there are still plenty of tickets for AC Milan games when they play crap teams midweek.  That you need a form of ID to get a ticket.  That you can’t use credit cards to purchase tickets.  That the stewards don’t always speak English.  That the younger stewards are more likely to speak English.  That there are no ATMs anywhere as far as the English-speaking stewards know.  That it takes about thirty minutes to walk around the entire stadium.  That there really isn’t an ATM or currency exchange place anywhere near the stadium.  That the San Siro has tighter security than Ajax stadium in Amsterdam.  That nobody drops money around the food or merchandise vendors.  That if you offer to pay 30 Euros more for a scarf by credit card in return for 20 Euros in cash, the vendors wont do it.  That the walk back to the train station seems longer.  That Italians driving big white SUVs don’t always see you crossing the street.  That Italians are very apologetic when they almost hit you with their car.  That it takes just 20 minutes to go from Lotto station to Genova station.  That all the restaurants are closed by 8:30pm.  That the grocery store is closed by 8:30pm.  That the hotel restaurant is closed by 8:45pm.  That there isn’t a room-service menu at the NH hotel.  That they show Milan home games on TV even though the game isn’t sold out.  That watching the Milan game on TV and seeing all the empty seats is really depressing.  That David Beckham can score from insane angles