NH Milano

I’ve never stolen more from a hotel room in my life, even when I was 7.  I have the soaps, slippers, bookmarks, pens, stationery, and lotion and this is all in the first 15 seconds.  I’ve never seen a hotel like this.  It’s ultra modern and makes the W look like a Super 8.  The lobby was full of bean bag chairs, wire nest chairs, nerf stools, an Ipod table, and a chandelier that looked like red-orange sperm were swimming down towards the concrete ground.  For the first time I didn’t mind waiting half an hour for our rooms.  Nobody did.  We had a photo shoot all over the hotel.  Every floor has a different piece of lobby art.  Mine is the 3rd floor and we have some sort of dining table for giants.  The doors to the hotel are made to look like they were sprayed by graffiti artists.  The internet is very cheap, just 4 euros for 24 hours.  I got online to see that I won my Ebay bid for a TV/dvd combo I’m getting my girlfriend for her birthday.  I’m glad that’s over with.  I’m bummed that I lost my bid for Yankees tickets though.  I put in 100 for two tickets but I pretty much knew that wouldn’t win.  It’d be the sixth to last game ever at old Yankee Stadium.  The last games were insane price wise.

It’s 11am right now and at 1pm most of the crew is meeting downstairs and then taking a trip to Lake Maggiore.  The Co-pilot said he wasn’t allowed to go to Lake Como and I was glad to hear it.  My girlfriend at first said I couldn’t go there because she wanted the two of us to go together sometime.  After awhile she decided I could go and I was glad she said that.  I probably would’ve gone anyways if the entire crew was going there and I had to stay behind by myself.  I don’t see the fault in that.  The pilot’s wife wasn’t that allowing, or at least he acted like she wasn’t.  I know the girl and I can’t really see her putting her foot down like that.  She’s a flight attendant who’s around my age, maybe a little older but a little junior company seniority wise.  When I first met her she was on again off again with this guy and didn’t really think she’d ever marry him.  I got her number and thought about trying it on with her but never bothered.  She’s a knockout though, he really scored with her.  And if he’s actually honoring her wish to bypass Lake Como, he must be an alright guy.  I mean he’s not going to cheat on Lake Como even though he could get away with it, maybe he actually stays faithful to her.  He couldn’t really do any better, not out of any of the flight attendants in New York I can think of.  I just found out that there’s a huge modeling agency by the hotel, that’s why the streets are littered with underaged waifs out here in this random neighborhood.

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